The Menu Class provides a horizontal menu where the user types the desired selection, but need only type as many unique characters are needed. There can also be a default choice presented, which only requires carriage return to select.

Software Documentation

The following section documents the Menu class.

There is one decorator class, Menu, that requires a Clio object to decorate.

Pass in the Clio object (which should have one instance to represent the physical terminal). Define the color scheme for the menu. If it is not specified, then a black, white and gray colors are used as shown. The title can be changed or set to null if not desired.

__construct($clio, StyleInterface $titleStyle = null, StyleInterface $highlightStyle = null, StyleInterface $choiceStyle = null, $title = "Menu" )

$clio Clio Clio object
$titleStyle Style Object The styling of the first characters in the menu
$highlightStyle Style Object The styling of the choice characters in the menu
$choiceStyle Style Object The styling of the rest of the characters in each choice
$title string The first characters shown in the menu, set to null if no title is desired.

Set the first characters shown in the menu, defaulted to "Menu".


$title string the title of the menu

Display the menu prompting the user for an array of choices. This method will wait until the user selects a proper choice (which it then returns) or 10 attempts whichever is sooner. If the default is null, then no default is presented at the end of the menu and the user must type characters to make a selection. If a default is presented, it will be shown at the end of the menu in brackets to indicate that the user only need to hit return to select that selection. The user can also type the default selection and it will affect the number of unique characters needed for the choices presented, as choice itself.

[string] menu($choices, $default = null)

$choices string[] The array of choices, with the last one being the default choice
$default string | null whether to provide a default choice